Daytona 1
Daytona 1

    317 Carswell Avenue Holly Hill, FL 32117

    (386) 257-3456

Magellan International Lubrication and Chemical Technologies, LLC. is an industry leader and independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants. We formulate, blend, and package our product line to exacting specifications, scientifically designed for ultimate performance in racing as well as industrial applications.

We are committed to providing our customers with the very best products on the market, at a competitive price and with industry leading customer service. Unlike most competitive lubricants, Magellan’s product line has been designed and perfected in the field as well as the laboratory. By working closely with our friends and customers, we have tuned our product line to meet real world operating conditions rather than just simulated ones. The result is a product line that offers an unsurpassed level of service, protection, performance, and fluid life.

As the formulators for the High Performance products of the Daytona 1 family we are proud to say our performance standards have surpassed any and all in the industry giving racers more power, speed, dependability and long range endurance than ever before.