Safety Summit Announcement Following Crash

Safety Summit Announcement Following Crash

Following a crash at Arrowhead Speedway, in Colcord, Oklahoma,  Brian Littleton of RaceLogic has called a Safety Summit to discuss what could have been done better and what needs to change. Brian talked about several things they plan to discuss at the summit – including mounting seats, proper welds, seat belts being installed correctly, weight clamp safety, racetracks being prepared for emergency situations, roll cage standards, and more. 

Safety Summit Dates

The safety summit will be held during the CARS Racing Show on Thursday, January 9, 2025. The show takes place in Hickory, NC at the Hickory Metro Convention Center. 

Who is Involved 

The Safety Summit is being organized by Brian Littleton of RaceLogic. He has received commitments from Randy LaJoie of The Joie of Seating, Longhorn Chassis, and Velocita. If you are interested in being a member of the panel, you can reach out to Brian my phone at (479)461-7561, or by email at

Safety Summit Discussion Topics

The summit will focus on racer safety and how to lower the risks involved in racing. The panel wants to come to a set of safety standards across the board for Saturday night racers to keep them as safe as possible. Brian said “I just told myself that something needs to be done. Somebody needs to stand up. And somebody needs to get these people in one room. And let’s figure out what happened. Let’s figure out was there something could have been done better in this wreck or the next wreck, not only cage safety, but fire”. 

If you are interested in attending the Safety Summit, you can sign up at the link below to receive more information.