The Joie of Seating | BOOTH 050
The Joie of Seating | BOOTH 050

    4537 Orphanage Rd Concord, NC 28027

    (704) 795-7474

Twelve years ago, Randy LaJoie, three-time Busch Series champion, had an idea that turned into a dream. LaJoie began manufacturing seats for race cars, and his company, The Joie of Seating was started. Randy has come up with a stamped, molded aluminum seat that fits 95% of a driver’s body that he says, “has revolutionized the aluminum seat market.”

When Randy was driving there was no one in the racing seat business who would build a seat that suited him. He wanted a custom form fitted seat, like the Mark Donohue design that Don LaJoie, Randy’s father, purchased and retro fitted to a modified car and made out of fiberglass. NASCAR outlawed Fiberglass in 1992. No one in the industry would build a custom fitted seat – NOT A SQUARE SEAT.

To me, custom fitted didn’t mean sitting on a bench: that’s why I patented a “Sizing Fixture” to accurately measure a driver.