ProFabrication Headers and Exhaust at The CARS Racing Show

ProFabrication Headers and Exhaust at The CARS Racing Show

ProFabrication Headers and Exhaust at The CARS Racing Show. These guys can hardly keep a strait face when together, so this interview (like them) is fun to watch! Once we got past the hair cut and style ideas, this interview gave a lot of good information. Like maybe Andrew has missed his calling and should be an announcer.

First Impressions

Regardless of 2020 restrictions, Andrew and his team were very grateful to be apart of the CARS Racing Show. They came in tow with a car built by Wesley Page and a few engines built by Hendren Racing Engines, and Earl Ramey. Andrew explained that he does several other small trade shows throughout the year, some similar and some smaller. He enjoyed the fact that he could interact with people more without feeling stuck. He also liked that he could do business, which is different from other shows he has attended.


Andrew gave us some pretty cool insight on just how many Dirt Late Models have been served by ProFabrications. According to him, 3 years ag0 they did around 4 sets of headers. However, in the last year they have done close to 200 just in Dirt Late Models. He is super grateful for those numbers and said those numbers were made possible by Kate Dillon, Hendren Racing Engines, Earl Ramey, and Eagle.


As far as 2021 goes, Andrew stated that there would be more of the same. But stated that ProFab is a revolving door of better. He described the fabrication process as a never ending circle of upgrading and making their products better all around. Within the past few months they have changed the clearances, so that tires aren’t hitting headers and have given more master cylinder clearances as well. They also have a new header coming out for street stocks that is in the engineering process. That is why they are know for quality that wins.

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