Excel Racing Chassis at The CARS Racing Show

Excel Racing Chassis at The CARS Racing Show

In this interview we got the chance to meet with Lee Cooper from Excel Racing Chassis. Lee has been doing fabrication work for about ten years and recently decided to make a splash on the chassis side too.

Jumping Into The Chassis Market

I asked Lee how he feels about being another competitor in the chassis market. His reply “I don’t knock anybody else’s product I just want a small piece of the pie. And you know I love dirt racing dirt racing, it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. I worked for Barry Wright Race Cars for at 10 years. I owe a lot to that guy, he taught me a lot. Me and my dad do a lot together as well, them two guys have taught me everything in racing.

I’m not trying to build 200 racecars a year like the Rocket guys, or the Longhorn guys they do great products, but I just want to have the Excel name in victory lane a few times. I think we’re working hard and have done good this year, we’ve had a good turnout toward the end of this season. And I think people know  we’re here now, a lot of guys come by stop look at our product and think it is really nice looking. We try to do our bodies a little neater than the next guy.”

From Racer to Fabricator

I have known Lee for years as a racer. We are both based in the Carolinas, so it didn’t take long to start hearing other racers talking about their body work. I would here “Lee Cooper did the body work” over, and over. So to hear now that he is coming out with chassis is exciting to see the growth.


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