Springrithm at The CARS Racing Show

Springrithm at The CARS Racing Show

We recently had the chance to speak with Benny Boudreaux , the creator of Springrithm. SpringRithm is an app designed to smash springs for users who do not own a spring smasher. This app works by outputting measurements so you can set your springs to reach your desired loads, it can also solve stacked setups.

Benny gave us the story behind his inspiration for this time saving app.

Benny- I spent a summer with Devin Moran on the world of outlaws tour. And we were prepping for an outdoor race. And we spent about three hours messing with springs trying to get our right front to the load numbers that we wanted. Because on a stack spring, you have to take both springs off and put them back on. I knew that there’s math behind why these springs work the way they do and how the loads end up coming out of them. So I had that idea that we could do this automatically, some kind of way. And then at PRI later that year in 2018, I was talking to a few guys, and they were talking about apps for other applications in the racing world. That is when it clicked. We’ve been working on that ever since then, we just released in October 2019.

How It Works

Benny told us how to make this app work, and save time while doing it. So the app is universal for any brand-new shocks, and any brand of springs. First you need to take a few measurements on the shock itself. You put those inputs into your app itself. And then you have spring route, your spring rates and everything as well. You will get the spring rates straight off the spring, the spring height straight off the spring, and then you put it in there and you get your load numbers out and you get you just take measure. With tape measure you get some level of error, but it’s as well within the ballpark, it will be close enough that you can go on the track and make an adjustment and be perfect for where you want to be.


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