Rainmaker Racecars and Fabrication at The CARS Racing Show

Rainmaker Racecars and Fabrication at The CARS Racing Show

We had the chance to meet up with Bartley and Erica Grant, of Rainmaker Racecars and Fabrication, to hear about all they have going on and what new things they have planned for 2021.

What Does Rainmaker Racecars and Fabrication Do?

Rainmaker start selling about 5 years ago, but have been fabricating for 15 years. They build Street Stocks, Indiana Super Stocks, KDRA Super stocks, and are jumping in to the Crate market. Their move into the Crate car market is what brought them down to North Carolina for the CARS Racing Show. Grant states that he really thinks they are part of the game down here.

The History of Rainmaker

Grant likes to think of their works as sometimes being in the “grey” area. He said they are always tech legal, but people have always wanted to cry and complain about their fabrication. In turn, he decided to make it rain a little bit, and that is how their name came about. He said it is just a fun way of dealing with the complainers. The Grants are from the Country music capital of Kentucky, Renfro Valley. When asked if they can hear banjos, Bartley replied, “absolutely”.

Bartley gave us some insight to his family owned and operated business, him and his so are the only two working in the shop fabricating. His wife does a lot of Sheetmetal work, and his daughter he described as the shop Forman, keeping everything clean and ready to go. Grant emphasized that you  never buy anything from them that hasn’t been tested.


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