Why Racers Should Attend The CARS Racing Show 2022

Today we are talking to racers, we want to tell you why it’s a good idea to attend our show! Our very own host Jimmy Schiltz is a former racer, and feels like racers should come for the same reason exhibitors do…face to face interaction. Meeting the people that you are regularly spending your money with gives you the chance to see what business you are supporting. It is hard to get that at the racetrack. Building relationships is the biggest reason honestly. If you want to find out who cares about your racing program, come meet them and see whos going to show you what you need to do to win races. Finding out who is willing to answer your questions without rolling their eyes, who will give you tips when it doesnt make them any money.

Another reason for racers to attend the show is that on the retail side of things, shipping has gone up significantly and supply chain has been slow. It is great to be able to order parts online, but having products right there at the show, you can skip the shipping cost all together and take products home right from the show. The average shipping cost to ship a case of oil is $23 to $28! The show saves a good bit of money in the long run, especially on some of the larger parts you would usually have shipped like headers. Some parts have been hard to get ahold of, we have been calling it back order season. We have so many great exhibitors bringing products to the show to help racers get stocked up. Also, we have exhibitors bringing new products to be unveiled at the show. For instance, last year Buck Parker of Daytona 1 released his PTRs, Purpose Tuned Racing Oil. That means that it’s tuned exactly for the application. We’re not putting Buck on the spot, but we’re sure he will have some show specials. If you purchase from the show you could save $30-$40 minimum on a case! Rocker pannels are another high shipping item, they are over 800″ long and probably right around $50-$60 to ship. Another product that ships for $50-$60 is Hammond Motorsports Chassis Setup Plates. They are a fantastic tool, if you haven’t checked them out yet you should. There so many ways to save money by getting your parts directly at the show.

We’re also going to have some fantastic seminars with industry professionals that are household names conducting them. These seminars are going to be free for you to attend with your ticket to the show, which right now it’s Free. I mean, everything is free, what? How much is it free, free, free, all you have to do is click on the link, go to the website, click on the yellow button says get tickets, and it’s free. You’ll be able to have q&a sessions with the people that are conducting the seminars and the instructional classes. So you will be able to pick up more that just parts here, you will also be able to get some knowledge that will help excel your race program.