Where to Go After The CARS Racing Show

Hickory, NC has so many great places to explore. After the show we recommend enjoying all that the town has to offer. There are several great restaurants to enjoy, like the Old Hickory Taproom, the Hickory Station, Crescent Moon, Charlie Grangers, and more!

The Old Hickory Tap Room is an old favorite, they are a good fit if you’re looking for a good drink and a good atmosphere! A new favorite is the Hickory Station. With an awesome chef and high quality atmosphere, the Hickory Station is a great choice if you’re looking for a higher end establishment. Another great place is Crescent Moon. These guys have all the custom brews in the city and amazing food to pair with it. Every town has a great hotdog place, for Hickory, Charlie Granger’s is that place! They are closed in the evenings, but leaving the show and coming back is worth it for one of their hotdogs. On the other side is Dukes Restaurant and Bar, another happening place! For the kids, or fun adults…this is also the best place to play Pokemon. There are Pokemon stops and gyms everywhere.

We hope you come out to enjoy the show, and also check out all that Hickory has to offer after the show!