Why We Chose Hickory, NC

Why We Chose Hickory, NC

We are diving in deep as to why we chose Hickory, NC for the CARS Racing show this year and no, it is not just because Jimmy lives there. Although, that is his favorite reason. Hickory has a big history in racing, it is one of the first places of the Nascar Stars. And because of that, there are a lot of race tracks within a 3 hour radius.

The Hickory Convention Center

The Hickory Convention Center itself has a lot of great aspects that we love. For instance, there are no parking fees to worry about and loading and unloading is easy. It is affordable which helped us keep booth cost down, and attendee registration FREE. They also have the same feel as all the other major trade shows, but with a smaller area. What that means is, you wont leave feeling like you missed anything, but you also wont see everything in 5 minutes either. This convention center has the same atmosphere as major trade shows with its carpeted floors, and climate control. We call it the Goldilocks Principal; it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just right!

The Hickory, NC Area

The Hickory area has everything an exhibitor, or an attendee will need.  Hickory has the East Coast racers that are less likely to attend a trade show like PRI due to long distance travel. The 3 hour radius of the convention center includes Fayetteville, Gaffney, Augusta, Chattanooga, and many others. The Hampton Inn’s ramp is right in the parking lot of the convention center and also has an indoor poor. December is cold, but that pool will not be. Hickory’s crime rate is also very low, meaning we can all have a fun and safe time. The Hospitality and Tourism of Hickory also makes for an easy trip. There are big name restaurants within walking distance and the Hickory mall is also nearby.

Join Us

With all the great things going on in Hickory, NC and all the amenities for exhibitors and attendees at the show, we are looking forward to seeing you all there and having fun.

For companies interested in exhibiting, click here to see the floor plan.