Swap Meet

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The intent of our newly added Swap Meet at the CARS Racing Show is to give Racers the opportunity to sell all their used, obsolete, one-off, open-box, and scratch-and-dent parts.  

The Swap Meet will be held inside the Hickory Metro Convention Center – climate controlled and attached to the rest of the trade show.

Booths are 6×8, a table will be provided

Cost per Booth = $40 for Friday only, $80 for Saturday only, or $100 for both days.  One badge included per booth space.


  • Only racing and automotive performance parts will be allowed to be sold. 
  • No new current parts will be sold on the swap meet floor.  Those parts must be sold on the exhibit side of the show.  New parts can include open-box, seconds, or discontinued items.
  • Power is not available for swap meet booths 
  • Booth size is 6×8 per space. 
  • No displays or demonstrations will be allowed. 
  • Any sort of signage or advertisement for a business will be prohibited. 
  • Businesses can purchase booths in the swap meet section as long as they follow the rules listed above.  It would be an economical and efficient way to liquidate used parts, returns, old stock, etc. 
  • We will NOT require swap meet booths to keep the booth manned at all times.  If you sell out, you sell out. Simply place a Sold Out sign on your table and feel free to enjoy the rest of the show.  We will have these signs available. 


Booth includes:

  • 6×8 space.  If multiple booths are purchased, they will be placed together.
  • 6′ table included
  • (1) Badge per booth space included.  

Limited number of spaces available.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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