From the Track to the Toolbox – Talking Innovative Racing Tools with Hubbco’s Lucas Hubbell

From the Track to the Toolbox – Talking Innovative Racing Tools with Hubbco’s Lucas Hubbell

On this episode of the Racing Insiders Podcast, Kate interviewed Luke Hubbell from Hubbco. Luke, an engineering wizard perfecting racing tools, is joining us to share insights and innovations that are changing the game in the racing world. From track to toolbox, this episode is a must-listen.

Hubbco has been an exhibitor at the CARS Racing Show for many years. This year, you can find them in Booth 309, where they will have products on display and for purchase, and be willing to answer any questions you may have about their products.

The topics covered in this interview include:

  • The History of Hubbco
  • Navigating Challenges, Celebrating Milestones, and Staying Motivated
  • Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight
  • Cooler Cruisers and Creative Pursuits
  • The Evolution of Custom Lifts and Innovative Products in Racing
  • Crafting High-Performance Solutions for Racing with Inspired Designs
  • Revolutionizing Race Day: The Hubbco Strong Arm
  • CARS Racing Show – A Special Announcement

The History of Hubbco (4:01)

So in 2019 I quit my full time job, where I was working as an engineer. And yeah, I was doing Hubbco for about a year. And I was like, Man, this is, uh, I don’t even think I would I would have I would have done Hubbco full time unless I got pushed, you know, pushed out in a way. So it’s cool. You know, I always felt like God will tell me when you’ll know when you know, you know, I mean, so that’s what I know. So it’s just like, the worst thing that can happen is you can go back for working for the man again, and I don’t want to live life later down the road saying I wish I would have man like just do it now. I mean, I don’t have any kids. You know, I’m married and I have a dog and real supportive family. So it’s makes, you know, pretty easy. And I know everybody can’t really do that, but definitely encourage it. If you can.

Navigating Challenges, Celebrating Milestones, and Staying Motivated (11:00)

Good. It’s, it’s so critical not to compare yourself to others. In that regard, like, of course, you do. I want to be like this, this and that. Inspiration wise, but yeah, like I have, I have short term goals, and just what I want to do, and I look for consistency, and, and I’m happy with that, each year for three years in a row now. Over 200 lifts made and sold. So that’s kind of cool to put your hat on, you know, and just releasing new products. I think that’s important and just staying motivated, you know. Because when you’re by yourself all day, you know, you can get pretty burnt out or just tripped up on some stuff or whatever. But it’s just, I don’t want to say like, you’re, you get kind of veteran eyes to that kind of stuff, in a way. But you do. And you learn that whether it’s good or bad, you know, you got new stuff coming on the way or new sales on the way and different kinds of techniques to bring that stuff in. And you you get you get a better arsenal of kind of how you feel about yourself in the business and, and how you can take on new challenges. And I think that’s how I’ve been growing, you know, just being able to take on new stuff. Grow in that aspect, I’ve got a new Plasma table coming on the way soon. Actually, probably be top of December. But I’m excited about that. So I have a CNC mill and the plasma. So I won’t have to outsource that. Everything’s in house, and I take great pride in that. So yeah, the five year journey, you know, 80% of businesses fail, or something like that in five years. So yeah, if I can do it, anybody can do it, you know. And another thing is, like, you probably looked looked downtown, or at least I did, and you’ll see like a shout out to all comics out there. But there’s, there’s like a comic bookstore like, right downtown, like really nice real estate. And I’m just thinking to myself, Man, if they can make it like, why can’t we? You know, why can’t we do that? It’s, you know, and then you get you get in it, And it’s like, yeah, man, it’s not that hard.

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight (14:55)

Yeah, yeah, if I think back 10 years from now, you know, I was just kind of really getting in my own racing and yeah, you’re right. It’s just like it kind of plants, the seeds. And that’s another thing is like planting seeds of good things and, and being good to your customers and being good to your suppliers and just getting the right foot forward kind of thing. You know, it’s just just a little things.

Cooler Cruisers and Creative Pursuits (22:35)

Well, I build those those cooler cruisers, and I get such a kick driving those things downtown. So it’s based on like, the Milwaukee stuff, the Packout. Right. But it’s, uh, it’s pretty much it looks like a quad. But you can ride on it. And so you ride on a cooler, right? Okay. And it’s got a short wheelbase. It’s pretty small. It’s got the radio in the back, you can customize it however you want. And it goes about 40 mile an hour. It’s got full suspension, front and rear. And it’s so fun and just getting the people’s reactions downtown and I get a real big joy out of that. And I really like traveling. Just just looking at cool stuff, you know, nature. Dude, I I could stare at trees and birds for so long. Just Oh, that sounds so weird. But it just inspires me. I just if not that then it’s not really work. But it’s I just like being in the garage and tinkering. You know, in the shop. I like I’ve been getting into Adobe Premiere, and making videos, trying to get a backlog of shop videos and kind of go on that stamp for a little bit. 

I really like to play piano – I’m pretty good at piano. I played drums my whole life and guitar and I play worship band and stuff like that. And do 20 minutes per day. Just kind of going through your, your keys and it’s fun because then you can like if you hear something on the radio, like oh, let me try to play that and you just and you can do it and you just run like gospel fills and stuff like that. Uh, I see a piano like out in the out in the world or something. I’ll get on it and just rip out a little jam. It’s so fun.

The Evolution of Custom Lifts and Innovative Products in Racing (30:32)

Yeah, it was, it was my lifts that I do. First, we’re on rendition number five right now. I built my first one just out of necessity. I just seen how much I needed one. And they’re expensive. I like and I was a machine builder at the time. And so like, alright, well, I’m just gonna try to build one. And it was a nightmare. Like I weighed 175 pounds. And I actually snuck into work during second shift to build it. Going between buildings, it was it was crazy. It was seriously crazy. I would get in big trouble if I yeah, see me in other workplaces that just don’t get along, I guess for some reason. Always mixes with racing. But anyway, so I built that. And it was tall. It was it was taller than the most and other people around tracks and stuff. Hey, did you build that? So yeah, can you build me one? I said, Yeah, sure. But I didn’t want to go through that again. Because that was a nightmare. Like I didn’t even like weld on a table. Like it was just a hodgepodge. You know, just try it out, whatever. Like I said, it was really heavy. And so I made another one. And it was a little better, you know, and I just kept getting better at it. Just different designs and stuff like that. And that was that was my really my first bread and butter product. And I think, yeah, the one that got me in trouble with the with work was that steering wheel adapter during COVID and all that everybody went to iRacing. And so I made that quick release for steering wheels, because the iRacing you know, like a stock setup for the computer. They’re really small wheels. So I wanted to make your regular racing wheel on there. So I made a 3d printed adapter for that. And that really went off well. So that’s what I use that software for at work and got in trouble for. But yeah, so that was that was the second one that I had the the body tools. That was really cool. And just really kind of splayed out from there.

Crafting High-Performance Solutions for Racing with Inspired Designs (32:50)

So I worked with I worked with Pool on that (the edge roller and hemmer). And it was he had something from Germany, it was like a Wilco or something like that. And I went over his house, and we are working on some other stuff for the race car. And he showed me he’s like, man, you should make this and say by looking at it, took some pictures and kind of got bored. And I started crunching some stuff and designed some stuff on CAD and kind of looking around for more inspiration. And then like Mcmaster Carr had something similar to it. And I looked at more pictures, and they had something that was a little bit wider. And so I just started playing with it and building it I had, man, it just seems like every single thing I make it’s three, three things to get it right. So three renditions. And like third one is, it’s pretty good. And then you can build off that but so I did that. And that was fun. It was just one of those things where you see it and it’s like, Okay, we got to do that, you know, it’s a something like, it’s inexpensive to where you don’t need to buy like those plastics, you know, for the wheel well and stuff like that. I mean, you spend 100 bucks for the whole car on that when, you know, you could you probably have to do it twice a year. You’re gonna do it twice. And, you know, right there. There’s an edge roller, you know, it makes it stronger, and it makes it look cool. And it’s just new technology. You know, young farts like us are coming up.

Revolutionizing Race Day: The Hubbco Strong Arm (41:26)

Yeah, so that’s again, out of necessity, like, I got sick and tired of getting ratchet straps changing, you know, bar angles, and all that kind of stuff. Like I just needed an extra hand. Like, you know, you’re always like, reaching, try to pull stuff and like, just a nightmare. And I you know, like, the linear actuator has so many different purposes that, you know, it’s lightweight, and it’s strong, really strong, like 1300 pounds, pull and push. And, you know, that’ll get you out of trouble a lot. And, you know, just separating ball joints, all that kind of stuff it’s made to do so you can do it with one person, you know. And you’re in a hurry, and you’re in your race suit, and you’re trying to reach stuff and just, you know, yeah, it can be a lot easier, and why not make it easier. And especially do it for a nice price. And I love to make things that you can use for multiple things. So like, you know, with that strong arm, you know, you could there’s so many different things that you could use it for. Like you could even tie your car down with it. Like in a trailer. Like if you wanted to, you know, it’s anything you use a rachet strap for, you can use it with that or a pry bar. I’ve seen guys use it to push out like dents or bars like a driver door bars, all that kind of cool stuff. So it’s kind of like a it’s electric Porter power is the best way to put it, you know?

CARS Racing Show – A Special Announcement (52:31)

Yes and no. You’ll see it at the CARS Show. I always like to bring a little something special to the show. Yeah, we’re always at the same spot every time. 

In 2019, the spark that would become Hubbco ignited in a cozy coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With expert skills in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), the first prototype was meticulously crafted, a tribute to both art and engineering. From there, the path was set: a Facebook post caught fire, and soon, connections were being made and orders were pouring in.

Hubbco was founded on the passion for motorsports, appreciation for value, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. As racers themselves, they understand the passion and drive behind the sport.

You can find Hubbco online at, or on Facebook and Instagram.