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At Crate Insider, we are passionate about Crate Engines and achieving the best performance from them.  We were established in 2014 with the vision of bringing Crate info together in one place.  Our racing parts are the best of the best.

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From the CEO…


“I grew up in racing.  My Dad was a racer and my brother races today.  My background, along with my career expertise in other fields, led me to take on the position of Show Director for the Charlotte Auto Racing Show (CARS).

In that role, I developed unique relationships with series directors, promoters, suppliers and drivers throughout the Crate Racing Industry. These relationships allowed me to see “behind the curtain” of how the industry operates and the issues being faced today. It also showed me that there was a great opportunity for someone to gather, organize and provide information to be shared in order to grow and sustain this form of racing.

I will be the first one to say that my skill is not in my technical expertise.  My skill is connecting people, products and knowledge.”
– Kate Dillon, Founder and CEO,