Butlerbuilt Professional Seat Systems | Booth 801
Butlerbuilt Professional Seat Systems | Booth 801

BUTLERBUILT Motorsports Equipment opened in the early 1980s after owner and founder Brian Butler found a niche designing and building aluminum seats for NASCAR teams.

Throughout the 1980s and’90s, BUTLERBUILT would grow to become the preferred seat for racecar drivers in nearly every form of American motorsports.  Asphalt and dirt, short-track to speedway, sprint cars to stock cars as well as road race; a BUTLER seating system could be seen in racecars at local short tracks coast to coast, and then on national broadcasts of race events on Sunday afternoons.

Located in Concord, N.C. and at our present location on Pitts School Rd since 1989, BUTLER designs and builds seats for nearly every form of racecar in the United States, including stock cars, modifieds, sprint cars, midgets, micros, monster trucks, SCCA road-racing applications, quarter-midgets, mini-outlaws and more.

BUTLER is not just a seat manufacturer!

Our product line includes a wide variety of safety products for the motorsports industry, including leg and head supports, seat brackets, steering column knee protectors, door pads, steering wheels, a variety of NACA ducts, air tube and more.

For sprint cars and open-wheel cars, BUTLER is well-known for its axle tether and kingpin tether systems, drag link tethers, and torque tube pads and shields.  Many sprint-car drivers also prefer BUTLER steering wheels, which are offered in flat or dished versions at sizes between 13” and 17”.

Over the last decade, two key innovations have taken place to the BUTLER line.

In 2011, BUTLER debuted its “economy” line of seats called the E-Z Series which includes full-containment seats with a handful of options and upgrades priced under $1,000.00 including shipping.  The current E-Z II Series offers seats between 14½” and 18” for Sportsman (stock cars), Sprint (sprint cars and midgets) and Micro (micro-sprints).

Around the same time the E-Z Series launched, BUTLERBUILT began offering the polyurethane chemicals and complete kits used for “pour-in” seat inserts that mold to a driver’s body.  Tagged the BUTLERBUILT E-Z Sert Pour-In Place Insert, BUTLER began not only selling the Insert Kit, but also building seats specifically for pour-in inserts.  Today, over 30% of BUTLER custom seats are built for pour-in inserts.

BUTLER is also a dealer for Arai HelmetsHooker Harness seat belts and NecksGen Head and Neck Restraints!